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Ebola fighting doctor guest in next Crosstalks on pandemics

25 November, 2014

Meet Arash Izadkhasti from MSF, recently returned from Sierra Leone and guest in Crosstalks live broadcast on pandemics on November 27 at 6 PM CET. In October 2014 he got back to Sweden after working for four weeks in an Ebola center in Kailahun, Sierra Leone in West Africa, fighting the current Ebola outbreak.

“My strongest memory from the stay is the patience, strength and courage people are showing. We must do everything we can to help since the countries worst affected by the disease are among the poorest in the world. It is extremely expensive to get control over the epidemic, not least all the protective equipment needed. We all have to contribute with what we can”, says Arash Izadkhasti.

Since the outbreak in March 2014, Ebola has claimed almost 5000 lives. Medicines Sans Frontieres West Africa Ebola is actively fighting the virus in Guinea, Liberia, Mali and Sierra Leone with around 260 international employees and more than 3000 local staff.

Below you find an interactive infographic from MSF on how Arash Izadkhasti and his colleagues personal protective equipment while working.

Click here to take part in the life of the Ebola health promotor Deboriah Foko for 24 hours.

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Communicate with Arash Izadkhasti at @izadkhasti

Click here to find more interactive Ebola material at Medicines Sans Frontieres.


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