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Fear and desperation makes Ebola work difficult

2 December, 2014

Arash Izadkhasti from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), guest in Crosstalks on pandemics, was working for four weeks in an Ebola center in Kailahun, Sierra Leone in West Africa, fighting the current Ebola outbreak.

“What you have to understand when you work with Ebola is the fear factor that you can’t really imagine before arriving, among people, among health workers, everyone you meet, which makes it quite difficult. Especially with the desperation that is in the country (Sierra Leone).”

“We had a lot of transmission between the patients that were sent to us, that were not yet confirmed, not tested, because they put everyone, eight to ten patients, in the same ambulance.  In that ambulance you have a lot of body fluids. People vomit, they bleed or they have diarrhea. Most of the cases that were not confirmed before become Ebola cases then.”

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