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Åsa Moberg

Head of Environmental Strategies Research (fms) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Åsa heads the Division for Environmental Strategies Research (fms) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
She performs most of her research at CESC, Centre for Sustainable Communications. Herdissertation examined the potential environmental impacts of media and communication andcontributed to the development of methods for sustainability assessment.
The Division for Environmental Strategies Research aims to develop solutions for, knowledge aboutand debate around strategic environmental problems. This is primarily done through multi-disciplinary research, which encompasses the interconnections between environmental issues,technological developments and societal change. Strategic environmental problems refer to thoseissues of importance that require long-term solutions. The questions may be important on differentlevels: globally or nationally, and within different sectors, businesses or organizations.Today, the division is primarily active in three areas: Future Studies, Processes of Change and Toolsfor Environmental Assessment and Management. The tools used by Åsa and her colleagues areemployed in a number of areas such as infrastructure, buildings, ICT, sustainable communications,media, transportation, consumption, solid waste management, and defence applications.

Photo: Håkan Lindgren

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