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Katja Grillner

Professor of Critical Studies in Architecture and Director of Architecture in Effect

Katja Grillner is an architect and critic based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is Professor of Critical Studies in Architecture and Director of Architecture in Effect, a national initiative for a strong research environment funded by Formas 2011-2016. Her research on architecture and landscape combines theoretical, historical and literary strategies for spatial exploration.

Among her book publications are her PhD-dissertation Ramble, linger and gaze – philosophical dialogues in the landscape garden (Stockholm: KTH 2000), as main-editor 01-AKAD – Experimental Research in Architecture and Design (Stockholm: AxlBooks, 2005), and, as co-editor, Architecture and Authorship (London: Black Dog, 2007). She is co-founder of the feminist architecture teaching and research group FATALE.

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