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Maja Fjaestad

Assistant professor, Ph.D. in History of Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Maja Fjaestad is Assistant professor and holds a Ph.D. in History of Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

“In my research, I have focused on energy and energy systems and its social, technological, political components. I am M.Sc. in Engineering physics from KTH, and I hold a Ph.D. in history of science technology. My dissertation focuses on the development of nuclear energy in Sweden, specifically breeder reactors. I trace this idea as a technological vision, from a central technological and political component in Sweden’s nuclear system to a dystopian threat in the public debate. At the same time, the story of the Swedish breeder enlightens questions about energy futures, self-sufficiency and about the early development of the environmental movement.”

She is currently working on a project called “The Geopolitics of Energy. Swedish International Dependencies in a Historical Perspective” financed by the Swedish Research Council. In this project Maja Fjaestad investigates Swedish uranium dependencies.

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