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Maria Konovalenko

Molecular biophysicist, Program Coordinator for the Science for Life Extension Foundation

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“I am an aging fighter. My goal in life is to make is much longer and healthier for everybody. I see aging as the greatest obstacle on our way to the bright future of implementing all of our ideas and interests in real life, therefore, I am researching ways of how aging can be slowed down and probably even reversed in the future.”

Maria is a PhD student in biology of aging at University of Southern California and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. She is using her background in molecular biophysics in studying mechanisms of aging and trying to figure out ways to increase our lifespan and improve our health.

Diet is one of those things that can influence various processes in our bodies and is an easy and accesible tool for reducing the risks of getting age-related pathologies. That’s why Longevity Cookbook is something that Maria is passionate about – it can help so many people stay healthier for longer.

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