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Tommy Jensen

Professor in Management and Organization Theory at the School of Business at Stockholm University

Tommy Jensen received his PhD from Umeå University in 2004 and is professor in management and organization theory at the School of Business at Stockholm University. Tommy has been visiting researcher at Lancaster University. His research focus is on the intersection between private and public spheres and the social and environmental dilemmas that this intersection gives rise to. On a more detailed level two questions are central: How globalization changes the power relations for organizations and how globalization brings with it new dimensions of responsibility. Central to Tommy’s reading, thinking and writing is the areas of organisation theory, sociology and moral philosophy. Tommy has authored several books and has published in journals such as Organization, Tamara, Organization Studies, Journal of Global Responsibility, Journal of Business Ethics and Scandinavian Journal of Management.

Tommy teaches in the area of business ethics, organization theory and management, marketing, method and entrepreneurship. Current projects are ”How corporate codes of ethics travel globally” (Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Forskningsstiftelse) and ”Globalization, power and ethics in stakeholder management”. Both projects are carried out in corporation with associate professor Johan Sandström, Luleå University of Technology, and associate professor Sven Helin, Örebro Universitet. A third current research project is “Low Carbon at Work”, an EU-project at Umeå University.

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