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Meet one of the Nobel Prize winners in Physics

13 februari, 2013

Saul Perlmuttre is one of the three Nobel Prize winners in Physics of 2011. Perlmuttre is an astrophysicist at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, USA. In this video he’s explaining how dark energy, which makes up 70 percent of the universe, is causing our universe to expand. Rahman Amanullah, guest at Crosstalks 28 February, worked with Saul Perlmutter before he won the Nobel Prize.

21 februari, 2013

What is Higgs Boson?

Crosstalks guest John Ellis explains.

20 februari, 2013

Danica Kragic about robotics

Danica Kragic: What we will be considere as  human in the future, should the robot-evolution be slowed down and what is the future for robotics.