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SWERUS-C3 What is it all about?

16 July, 2014

Professors Örjan Gustavsson, participant in Crosstalks on “Adventurous field work in the name of science”, and Martin Jakobsson from Stockholm University explain the importance of the current international SWERUS-C3 research expedition to the East Siberian Sea. Click here to see where the icebreaker Oden i right now.

Chief Scientist Örjan Gustafsson has “great expectations” for SWERUS-C3. Just before take of from Tromsö in Norway, we got a brief interview and a chance to go on board (video below). Follow life on board on Örjan Gustafssons blog from the expedition.


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21 August, 2014

Crosstalks participant ranked among the world’s leading scientific minds

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19 August, 2014

Crosstalks participants heading home from the Arctic

Half way through the almost hundred day’s long and physically challenging SWERUS-C3 expedition to the remote East Siberian Arctic Ocean, there is a shift in crew members. In American Barrow […]