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We build mathematical models of the human brain

21 April, 2015

“The long term goal of my research is to understand how the neuro mechanisms behind what we see, hear, think, feel and move works. I do this by computer simulation based on data on the neuro networks of the brain. We build mathematical models of the human brain and simulate those on a computer. On these models we then perform virtual brain experiments and compare the output of those with real brain activity recordings.” Anders Lansner, Professor of Computational Biology at Stockholm University and affiliated professor of Computer science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Anders Lansner is guest in Crosstalks on the human brain, “Understanding and mapping the human brain”, broadcast live, April 23, at 6 PM CET on

Anders Lansner is also participant in “The human brain project”, a European research effort for neuroscience, medicine and computing to understand the brain, its diseases and its computational capabilities. Find more info at @HumanBrainProj

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All talks are always available at

8 June, 2015

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