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Alastair Reynolds

Awarded science fiction writer and space scientist

Born in Wales, Alastair Reynolds spent the first part of his professional life working as a space scientist, mainly for the European Space Agency. For the last twenty years he has also been publishing science fiction, and since 2000 has written twelve science fiction novels, most of them dealing in some way or other with the topic of our human destiny in space. His first novel, Revelation Space, was shortlisted for the Arthur C Clarke and British Science Fiction association awards, while his second book, Chasm City, won the BSFA award in 2002. His most recent novel is BlueRemembered Earth, concerning an African-dominated future of the 22nd century.Forthcoming is the sequel to Blue Remembered Earth, and a novel featuring the BBCTV character Doctor Who. He has been a full time writer since 2004 and together with his wife now lives back in Wales.

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