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Daniel Westman

Researcher in Law and Information Technology at Stockholm University

Daniel Westman is finalizing his doctoral thesis on “Access to Government Information” at Stockholm University. The thesis develops the theoretical concept of “Information Law” and uses it to analyze the legal issues related to access to government information in a digital environment. Special attention is devoted to the relationship between rules on access to government information on the one hand and rules on data protection and copyright on the other. He has been a consultant in ICT law for many years and has provided advice to law firms, companies and government agencies.

“I have long experience in research in ICT law. My areas of expertise are copyright law, regulation of access to government information, PSI, freedom of speech law, ISP liability, data protection and ICT related contracts. Legislative techniques and legal policies in a digital environment have also attracted my attention.”

- Member of the board of directors for Mediaprovider Scandinavia (listed on First North, 1995-2013).
- Member of the advisory board for the Swedish registry .SE.
- Member of the Swedish governments advisory board for ICT (Digitaliseringsrådet)
- Secretary of the Swedish Copyright Society (the Swedish group of ALAI).
- Member of the council of ISOC-SE.
- Member of the board of the The Swedish Authors’ Fund (appointed by the Swedish government).
- Expert in the government committee on freedom of speech (Yttrandefrihetskommittén).

Specialties: IT law, internet law, information law, media law, communication law, net neutrality, copyright, data protection, freedom of speech, access to government information, IT contracts, online liability, PSI, electronic commerce, social media law.

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