Green innovation: the forest as a resource for a better future

June 16, 2015 05:59 PM

Healthy, thriving forests are crucial for sustaining life on earth. Humanity´s impact on climate and ecological systems is threatening the forests. But the forests are not just victims; they could also hold many keys to a more sustainable society.
Biomaterials from forests can be used to produce new interesting products that
are sustainable and biodegradable and could therefore help mitigate climate
problems. We discuss the new and innovative ways in which we can use the forest as a resource.

Confirmed guests

Researcher at the Department of Physical Geography at
Stockholm University

Professor, director of Wallenberg Wood Science Center, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Professor in Polymer
Technology at the department of Fibre & Polymer Technology at KTH Royal
Institute of Technology

Executive Vice President of the Forest Products
Association of Canada

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