The dilemma of human enhancement

April 23, 2015
Humans have always had a desire to make themselves better, faster, stronger and smarter. Today we can. With implants, nanotechnology, artificial body parts and smart drugs we can enhance human physiology beyond our current limitations. But should we really pursue this? And can we do it responsibly? Upcoming Crosstalks on Human Enhancement discusses the dangers and pitfalls of human enhancement.

"The dilemma of human enhancement" is released on August 20, at 6 PM CET, on

Guests in the studio:
Karim Jebari, Ph.D in analytic philosophy, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology and Post Doc at the Institute for Futures Studies
Gustav Nilsonne, MD, PhD, researcher in cognitive neuroscience at Stockholm University
Mats Nilsson, Lecturer and researcher, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

On Skype:
Zoltan Istvan, writer, philosopher, futurist and 2016 presidential candidate for the newly formed Trans humanist Party
Maria Konovalenko, Molecular biophysicist, Program Coordinator for the Science for Life Extension Foundation

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