What's the connection between research and planning?

October 22, 2015

"What is the connection between the academia that is doing research on urban planning, and the people that are in charge of planning for Stockholm as a city?" Daniel Ddiba, masterstudent in environmental engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

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The future of cities

The world is moving from agrarian to urban at a faster pace than ever before, according to reports. By 2050, two out of every three people will live in urban areas. But rapidly growing cities create difficult challenges when it comes to traffic, housing, social infrastructure and environmental footprint. How can we meet the opportunities and challenges of the modern city and build towards more sustainable and socially diverse cities where people can live comfortably?

Guests in the studio:
Alexander Ståhle
, PhD, Researcher in Urban Planning at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and CEO of Spacescape.se
Gunnel Forsberg
, Professor of Human Geography at Stockholm University
Mattias Höjer
, Professor in Environmental Strategies and Futures Studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
On Skype: Andrew Carr, Senior Project Architect at the award winning Brady Mallalieu Architects in London

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