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Birch bark is a fascinating polymer resembling what we want to create

8 June, 2015

“My research is focused on developing new organic materials for future needs in society. Here we can get inspiration from nature and find sources that we don’t normally think about. One example is birch bark, a fascinating natural polymer system that has interesting properties resembling what we want to create. We split it in smaller parts and use fractions to create new sustainable polymer solutions. This way we go step by step from a fossil based society towards a more sustainable future.”

Mats KG Johansson, guest in Crosstalks on Green Infrastructure and the forest as a key to a more sustainable society, is Professor in Polymer Technology at the department of Fibre & Polymer Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Green innovation: the forest as a resource for a better future is released on June 16 at, 6 PM CET.

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