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20 februari, 2013

Danica Kragic about robotics

Danica Kragic: What we will be considere as  human in the future, should the robot-evolution be slowed down and what is the future for robotics.

07 februari, 2013

The largest European research infrastructure for biological information

The Human Protein Atlas is one of five pilot projects selected for the construction phase of the European research infrastructure for biological information (ELIXIR). Human Protein Atlas and ELIXIR will [...]

07 februari, 2013

Mathias Uhlén speaks at GoldLab symposium

Mathias Uhlen, Professor of Microbiology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden spoke at this years GoldLab symposium. Here is his presentation: ”Exporing the Human Protein Atlas to Study Biology [...]

15 november, 2012

Cloud formation

The Arctic is an unusually cloudy place, especially during summer – but yet there is ashortage of particles from which clouds can form. How does this make sense? MichaelTjernström, professor [...]

15 november, 2012

Field Trip in Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology

Join us, as a teaching team guides the first group of students from Stockholm Universityto visit NEO in Messinia in southern Greece. The Navarino Environmental Observatory -NEO – is the [...]

15 november, 2012

Significant methane emissions discovered in Arctic

Stockholm University scientist Örjan Gustafsson talks about the findings of Russian andSwedish researchers concerning significant methane emissions in the Arctic.

15 november, 2012

Tarfala research station

Tarfala research station is a unique research and teaching station, located in the valley ofone of the best-studied glaciers in the world, the Storglaciären (”Great Glacier”) atKebnekaise. Measurements of how [...]

15 november, 2012

Sweden and International Polar Research

Stockholm University Researchers have played leading roles in a number of Polarexpeditions that have taken place as part of the International Polar Year (IPY – spans2007-2009). This short film details [...]

15 november, 2012

Navarino Enviromental Observatory, NEO, inaugurated

The research station NEO in Messinia, south-western Greece, is now being inaugurated.NEO is a cooperation between Stockholm university, the Academy of Athens and TEMESS.A.,and is dedicated to research and education [...]

15 november, 2012

Carbon fluxes in the East Siberian Sea

Large fluxes of carbon, material and water pass from the Siberian Tundra to the ArcticOcean. Örjan Gustafsson, professor of bio-geochemistry at Stockholm University hasstudied the effects that these fluxes have [...]

15 november, 2012

Introducing Sustainable Development Goals

Interview with Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University.

15 november, 2012

Planetary Boundaries

Johan Rockström explains critical planetary boundaries, transgressing them could becatastrophic.  

15 november, 2012

The best explanation to resilience

Stockholm whiteboard seminar: Brian Walker explains what is resilience in people and ecosystems.

12 november, 2012

IceCube – looking for neutrinos from cosmic sources

Swedish presence at the South Pole. IceCube is one of the largest research projects. Physicists from the Stockholm University tries in the ice at the South Pole detect neutrinos on [...]