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Explore an Ebola Care Center

26 November, 2014

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) operates six Ebola case management centres (CMCs) in West Africa trying to manage the current outbreak. The centres are providing approximately 600 beds in isolation and two transit centres.

Watch Crosstalks on pandemics “Outbreak – The threat and battle of pandemics”, Nov 27 at 6 PM CET, live at One of the guests in the show is Arash Izadkhasti from MSF. He recently returned from Sierra Leone after working for four weeks in an Ebola center fighting the current Ebola outbreak.

Below you find an ineractive infographic where you can explore how an Ebola Care Centre works.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, MSF has sent more than 700 international staff to the region and admitted more than 5,600 patients. Around 3500 people have been confirmed having Ebola. More than 1400 patients have survived the virus.

Click here to find more interactive Ebola material at Medicines Sans Frontieres.

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