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Bodil Elmhagen

Associate professor in Ecology at the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University

My main research interests are species interactions, population dynamics and community ecology. I am interested in how carnivore interactions, predator-prey interactions, dynamics and community structures change with climatic conditions and anthropogenic impacts. Much of my research has revolved around the two fox species present in Fennoscandia; the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) and the arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus). The red fox is a key predator in the Fennoscandian wildlife community. As such, it may have strong top-down effects on a number of prey species and smaller predators. Hence it may be an important structuring agent in the wildlife community. In contrast, the arctic fox is critically endangered, and red fox expansion in mountain tundra habitat is one of the main threats against the species.

Fox ecology in northern Fennoscandia is closely linked to the dynamics of their main prey, arvicoline rodents (Lemmus/Microtus/Myodes spp.), but other factors may also have important regulating effects on foxes. For example, the red fox may be affected by climate, land use and the abundance of large carnivores.

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