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Drude Dahlerup

Professor in Political Science at Stockholm University

Drude Dahlerup is one of the world’s leading experts on how to empower women in political decision-making. She is a Professor in Political Science at Stockholm University and has written extensively on gender and politics, the history of the women’s movements and Feminist Theory.

Drude Dahlerup is also working as a consultant for international organizations (IPU, UNDP, UNWomen, Kvinna-till-Kvinna, and Int. IDEA) to countries, which are in the process of democratization and want to introduce or amend gender quotas regulations for public elections. She has worked as consultant in Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Tunisia, Kosovo, Egypt, China, Moldova and most recently, in Bhutan. She is currently in Egypt, working as an advisor on how to involve women in the process of democratization. She is also one of the 20 members of UN Women’s Global Civil Society Advisory Group to the executive director.

In cooperation with International IDEA and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, IPU, Dahlerup and her research team at Stockholm University is running the global website

Breaking Male Dominance in Old Democracies, Oxford University Press, 2013 – an in-depth, longitudinal study of changes in the degrees and scope of male dominance in old democracies since women’s suffrage (Drude Dahlerup and Monique Leyenaar, eds.). This study covers Germany, The Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, New South Wales (Australia) and New Jersey (USA).
Women, Quotas and Politics (Routledge 2006) – the first global analysis of the new global trend to adopt electoral gender quotas and was based on research from all major regions in the world.

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