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Karin Berglund #1

Karin Berglund

Associate Professor at the School of Business at Stockholm University and Director for Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

  • +46 (0)8 16 39 82

Karin Berglund works as Associate Professor at Stockholm University School of Business. She has previously had a position at Mälardalen University where, in 2007, she defended her thesis “The Hunt for Entrepreneurs”. Her postdoctoral work includes developing and managing several research projects on entrepreneurship, including “Organizing Societal Entrepreneurship in Sweden” (

In her research, Karin has focused how entrepreneurship has been manifested in different forms in contemporary society (e.g. in schools, public sector, addressing social and green issues, directed towards incorporating more people into entrepreneuring, e.g. women, immigrants, young people). In this work she has highlighted individuals other than the western male hero stereotype, and has drawn attention to processes other than those resulting in the establishment of new enterprises as part of entrepreneurship. Hence, her overarching research interest lies in studying the emergence of diverse entrepreneurship forms as part of an enterprise culture fostered in neo-liberal society where entrepreneurship is called upon to help us deal with all sorts of problems.

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