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Markus Imhoof, Screenwriter and film director, Crosstalks

Markus Imhoof

Screenwriter and film director

Markus Imhoof is an award-winning Swiss screenwriter and film director. His latest film “More Than Honey” (2012) is a documentary on bees. Bees are not only necessary to provide honey. Without their pollination a third of what we eat would be missing on the table, there would be no apples, pears or cherries, but also no vegetables and meat from cows, which have never eaten clover. But bees are dying all over the world. Pesticides and parasites among other things threaten the world’s bee colonies, and scientists don’t really understand why. In “More Than Honey” Markus Imhoof follows bees literally right into the hive, and meets beekeepers in California, Australia and Switzerland and China to paint a picture of the world from the bees’ perspective.

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