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Örjan Gustafsson

Professor in Biogeochemistry at the Department of Applied Environmental Science (ITM), Stockholm University

I lead a research group that studies topics ranging from thawing Arctic permafrost carbon-climate couplings, to sources and radiative effects of aerosols in the Brown Clouds over South and East Asia, to the degradation of organic contaminants at industrial sites.

Our work is based on field observations and sampling, often using own-developed techniques, in remote locations such a  on ships in the Arctic and  on atmospheric observatories in both remote receptor locations (Tiksi, NE Siberia; Hanimaadhoo Island, the Maldives and Jeju Island, S. Korea) and in megacity locations in India and China.  We emphasize molecular, isotopic and even molecular-isotopic probing of the organic matter to improve our understanding of its source, degradation status and properties.

We have currently organized ourselves in three research tracks: Aerosols, Arctic-C and Molecular and Isotopic Analysis (MIA).

Follow Örjan Gustafsson on his blog from SWERUS-C3, the current international research expedition to the East Siberian Sea.

Click here to see where the icebreaker Oden is right now.


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