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Sten Hellman

Professor in Elementary Particle Physics at the Department of Physics at Stockholm University

Sten Hellman is professor in elementary particle physics at the Stockholm University. He is a founding member of the large ATLAS collaboration which runs on of the largedetectors at CERNs Large Hadron Collider and is one of the scientists who initiated the Oskar Klein Centre for cosmoparticle physics at the Stockholm University.

In his research Sten Hellman tries to find phenomena that can help to show how to improve and expand our understanding of how nature works at the very smallest scales. Currently he is working on studies of the heaviest known elementary particle – the topquark. Previous to that he was for a long time concentrating his efforts on the search for supersymmetric particles, a completeley knew class of particles, which – if they exist -could be what constitutes the dark matter in the universe. Sten Hellman got his PhD in particle physics at Stockholm University in 1986. He then moved to the European particle physics laboratory CERN where he worked first on theUA2 experiment, and then became involved in the startup of what was later to become the ATLAS experiment at the LHC. In 1994 he returned to Stockholm University where he became professor in particle physics 2004. 

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