We make robots and humans work safely together

“Our vision is to make future production environments attractive to young people. To do that we work with human-robot collaboration and we want to make sure that robots learn how to help humans to do easy jobs, and that human and robot can work safely together.” Lihui Wang

Lihui Wang, guest in Crosstalks on the future of work, released on November 19 at 6 pm CET on www.crosstalks.tv, is Professor and Chair of Sustainable Manufacturing at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
Work in the 21st century
Some experts and reports claim that half of all jobs on today´s market is said to be gone in 20 years. Automation and artificial intelligence is posed to make a large portion of today´s workforce redundant. Regardless of what you make of the previous statements we are in for big changes in our job markets. So where and how will we work in the future? How will employers, industries and politicians need to adapt to these changes? And how might the way we consider the nature of work change?

Guests in the studio:
Gunnar Karlsson, Professor of Tele Traffic Systems and Director of the Laboratory for Communication Networks at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Hugo Westerlund, Professor and Director at the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University
Lihui Wang, Professor and Chair of Sustainable Manufacturing at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
On Skype: Julia Kirby, Author and Editor at Harvard Business Review

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