5 Advantages of Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamory is a trendy alternative to the traditional format of loving relationships between men and women, all ukrainian brides dream about it. The advocates of polyamory claim that in the future, more and more people will choose in favor of non-monogamous relationships. It turns out that few people are monogamous. Just look at how many people divorce and then start new relationships. It means that people are polyamorous by nature. Being in a polyamorous relationship, a person has more than one romantic partner, and all their partners know about each other’s existence and are okay with such a form of union. It’s not all about sex, it’s about the ability to love several partners. On the one hand, this kind of relationships seems utopian – people are sincere, happy, and loved. On the other hand, this format runs counter to the established ethical values. Yet let’s focus on the advantages of this phenomenon.

Honesty and transparency. Voluntariness and honesty are two main pillars of polyamory. If one partner has several other partners, and their regular partner is not aware of this, or it makes them suffer, such a relationship can’t be called polyamorous. In truly polyamorous families, partners feel free to talk about each other and other partners, their relationship in general. They don’t hide their emotions, they don’t feel guilty saying “I love you” to more than one person.

Diversity. Most marriages fall apart either because of infidelity or boredom. The main advantage of polyamory is that it excludes these two reasons. The diversity it gives prevents partners from drowning in the daily grind, while the drive to monopolize your partner’s body, as well as the idea of cheating, seems quite absurd. People practicing polyamory are less prone to jealousy, as they remain emotionally connected with their partners.

Emotional satisfaction. Sometimes, you may not get enough of emotional closeness from your partner due to their inability to demonstrate emotions and feelings. Most people get angry and annoyed, try to change their partner. In polyamorous relationships, you can satisfy your need for emotions with some other partner. For example, one of your partners is a housebody, calm and careful. Next to them, you feel protected and relaxed. Another one of your partners is the opposite of the first one. With this person, you feel adventurous.

Sexual diversity. Another advantage of polyamorous relationships is sexual diversity. For instance, you like absolutely different things in sex. And you get all of them with several lovers. One of your partners likes tender and sensual sex, without any experiments. While another one is a fan of experiments and various sexual tools.

Overcoming jealousy. It’s a misconception that polyamorous partners don’t feel jealous at all. They often do at the beginning of their relationship. However, they are open enough to talk about their jealousy with their partner and deal with this fear.

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