Game on: how gaming defines our culture and vice versa

February 19, 2015
Game on: how gaming defines our culture and vice versa
What can the games we play tell us about the human experience in the 21st century? Why do we find games so compelling? And how does game technology and game mechanics influence research in other areas, ranging from education to robotics?

Guests on Skype:

Brenda Romero, Game Designer & Program Director at UC Santa Cruz Games & Playable Media MS
Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, Senior producer at Dice

Guests in the studio:
Björn Thuresson, Senior researcher and manager of the Visualisation Studio VIC at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Tobias Falk, Director of computer games and lecturer at the Department of Computer and System Sciences, DSV, at Stockholm University
Petter Ögren, Associate Professor at the Computer Vision and Active Perception lab (CVAP) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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