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SWERUS-C3: First observations of methane release from Arctic Ocean hydrates

28 July, 2014

SWERUS-C3 scientists, participants in Crosstalks on “Adventurous field work in the name of science”, have discovered vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor of the Laptev continental slope during the current expedition to the Arctic. These early glimpses of what may be in store for a warming Arctic Ocean could help scientists project the future releases of the strong greenhouse gas methane from the Arctic Ocean.

See the film of methane bubbles coming up from the seafloor.

“This was somewhat of a surprise,” writes chief scientist Örjan Gustafsson, on his blog from the expedition. He speculates that the leaking methane from the seafloor of the continental slope may have its origins in collapsing “methane hydrates,” clusters of methane trapped in frozen water due to high pressure and low temperature.

Click here to find more information on the discovery.

21 August, 2014

Crosstalks participant ranked among the world’s leading scientific minds

Gunnar von Heijne, Professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University and Scientific Director at the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) and participant in Crosstalks on “The […]

19 August, 2014

Crosstalks participants heading home from the Arctic

Half way through the almost hundred day’s long and physically challenging SWERUS-C3 expedition to the remote East Siberian Arctic Ocean, there is a shift in crew members. In American Barrow […]