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Unexplored territories

Next Crosstalks September 18, 17.00 CET

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Sept 18, 17:00 CET

Out there – the importance and challenges of field research

Working as a researcher can take you far – in every sense of the word. Whether you are measuring greenhouse gases in the Arctic Ocean, or investigating language patterns among voodoo-groups in Brazil. We discuss the challenges and the unique perspectives that come with doing research in the field.

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Sept 18, 18:00 CET

Into the deep – the unknown territories and resources of the sea

Mankind has seemingly explored every corner of earth, but only above sea level. Under the surface lies a great deal of unknown territory not only in terms of space but also when it comes to biology and physics. The oceans are also an untapped resource that we can use to create new types of food, materials and energy. We dive into different ways in which scientists today explore the sea.

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Oct 16, 14:30 CET

Science for life – mapping the building blocks of the human body

We might be able to cure infections, transplant organs and fix broken bones, but the human body remains on many levels a mystery. Some of today's most interesting research into human physiology is done on a true micro level. Understanding the smallest building blocks of the human body is essential for diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and can also provide new insights into aging and other processes in the body.

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